Step#1-Let’s start with Labels

Whoooo are youuu..?

Now you are either singing that line from the song by the Who, or you are picturing the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland. Either way.. this is about beginning to define and then re defining yourself. I’ll start.

How I currently define myself:

  1. I am a nurse
  2. I am an artist
  3. I am a mom, grandmother, sister, daughter, etc
  4. I am a roommate & friend
  5. I am a list writer and blogger

(these are things others can easily see)

Let’s move on:

  • I am strong
  • I am sensitive
  • I am rebellious
  • I am a worrier
  • I am ambitious

( these define how I feel and what drives my reactions to things)

  1. I am an alcoholic
  2. I am goal oriented to a fault
  3. I am riddled with anxiety
  4. I am emotionally unstable
  5. I am a frequent failure

( these are the things I believe about myself that are not positive)

And so on…many lists . You can even be silly- “I am a salad eater”. You can be fatalistic – “I am a loser”.. whatever you want. It’s YOUR private list. And if you are truly ready to tackle that baby elephant , you begin here. With brutal honesty. Defining as much of yourself and your psyche as possible. The lists will grow even longer and deeper- like all of the roots and branches of a tree meshing with the vines and weeds. It can become overwhelming- pace yourself. After you have several pages- (yes pages -because we are writing down only labels here, not the why’s , what’s and how’s yet) take a breather- you are going to need it. Review the lists for a few days . Embrace the good and the bad and then accept this is where you are at this moment. There is much growth ahead, if you are willing and committed. Peace!


nurse, mother, artist, and chameleon ...

7 thoughts on “Step#1-Let’s start with Labels

  1. Nice to meet you Lovie! I really like the post, I struggle to be able to do this kind of activity and seeing your examples helped.

    How I currently define myself:
    I am a writer.
    I am a teacher, gardener/farmer, martial artist, reader.
    I am a mother, granddaughter, sister, daughter, etc.
    I am a roommate & friend.
    I am an artist and a blogger.
    I am a minimalist.
    (these are things others can easily see)

    Let’s move on:
    I am healthy,
    I am sensitive,
    I am unconventional,
    I am introverted,
    I am connected to the Earth,
    I am a stoic.
    ( these define how I feel and what drives my reactions to things)

    I am impatient,
    I am rude,
    I am careless with money,
    I am forgetful about birthdays,
    I am a frequent leaver of many unfinished projects.
    (these are the things I believe about myself that are not positive)

    Thank you for sharing your courage with me! 🌻

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    1. Love that! so glad to meet you also..i enjoyed reading a few of your posts so far and will continue to do so..i just started this particular blog in July and i am so happy to finally start meeting others in the blogging community. looks like we have a lot in common:) thank you so much for your response! it encourages me as well!


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