Step #3- Prioritize The Problems

IF you have dared (or thought about daring) to follow along with my process and feel ready to move on ( see “Let’s Start with Labels”-step 1 and “The Next step-What is Truth?”-step 2) This is my next step. I will assert one last time- these are MY steps and suggestions. If you prefer to follow a professional there are plenty of online sites to choose from and it’ surely not going to hurt my feelings. In fact, over the years I have used multiple online strategies to gain perspective on my life and how to improve it. Consider this the culmination with some added personal experience.

Ok- we have our self-imposed labels and personal truths established ( for the time being). We have started the process of understanding where we got such things along the way ( people in our lives, articles we’ve read, experiences, etc.) 

The next thing I write down were all of the things I felt were “problems” I had to deal with:

  1. My weight gain
  2. Lack of being in shape/health issues
  3. Smoking
  4. Being social outside of the computer
  5. Lack of contentment with current living circumstances
  6. Apathy and sometimes frustration about my job
  7. Complaining all the time
  8. Chronic pain
  9. Depression/anxiety
  10. Menopause symptoms
  11. Changing views about commitments: community, art, family, friends
  12. Changing views on intimate relationships
  13. Alcohol abuse
  14. Average to poor eating habits
  15. Needing other options for stress relief
  16. Time management/organization needing overhauled.

Some of these overlapped. Some I had been working on but not with focus or determination. Some of you will have more, some less. This list certainly isn’t all inclusive. And some have subcategories like caffeine management, produce consumption, water intake, etc. ( #14). I didn’t tackle everything all at once even though many would see it that way. I started with the most important one though (#13)- because this carried over into all the rest. Pick your priority. It’s usually the one that affects everything else. And put that one on a separate page. Because the next step will be brainstorming possible specific solutions. It may seem overwhelming .Eventually all of the listed items will get addressed, some, surprisingly, with the resolution of others. But you won’t know if you don’t start with that first one.

P.s. I forgot to mention that it’s helpful to keep all of your work in one place- a notebook, in a computer file, etc. But somewhere they can be accesses when you have time to write and evaluate. That’s it for today and hope it is of some help. Hugs!


nurse, mother, artist, and chameleon ...

7 thoughts on “Step #3- Prioritize The Problems

    1. ty..i find that altho many people claim that they don’t like writing( much less digging into their own psyche!), short exercises like this usually become a surprising new way to “reign in” the Chaos of the mind at times..checking out your blog as well..very cool:)

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