The Perfect Solution

1.In 2007 I weighed 107 lbs. I have gained 15-20 lbs. since then. In the past few years I have tried various diets and been off & on with my gym routine. I’ve been both disgusted and angry with myself alternating with giving up at times.

2.I quit smoking after 25 years in 2001. I re started in 2011. I have tried many different options for quitting over the past few years, to no avail.

3.As I explained once before in a previous post, I have suffered with neck & back pain from an injury in my early 20’s that has become chronic progressive arthritis. There is no “cure” just a zillion things to help with the symptoms. I have tried almost every single one of them over the past few decades

4.I love playing pool. I always have. The thing is, I suck at it. Once, a 5 year old beat me who had never played before – and he could barely see over the table. I have tried videos, special balls, reading strategy books and even taken lessons. I’ve owned my own pool table ( twice) and a variety of special pool sticks. AND I used to WORK in a pool hall.

5.This past year I started going through menopause. It has been a night mare. I’ve been doing mega research and trying everything under the sun to deal with it. I cannot take estrogen and am allergic to CBD. There are days when I just want to crawl under a rock and hide.

Now, what do all these things have in common ?

They are things that I never gave up on just because I haven’t I have found perfect solutions. All of them are  issues that may :

  1. Never be resolved
  2. Are unlikely to be resolved
  3. Can be resolved with a LOT of effort and discipline
  4. WILL resolve eventually 
  5. Have been mostly resolved
  6. May be resolved but may come back
  7. May resolve but not without consequences

Now can you match the first list up with the second? 

 “Wait, you say, is this a trick?” Nope.

Just because I listed 5 issues and there are 6 answers doesn’t mean I messed up doing the math. Here’s the deal.

  1. I have a plan for the weight gain. The reason I do is because I know my body. I know why I have gained the weight and not ALL of it is my fault( some is normal aging, some is menopause ). But, the majority of it is. And, I know myself. I have the discipline to fix it. So #3 is the answer.
  2.  I truly hate what smoking does to my body and how it makes me feel. That isn’t enough for me to stop. What will likely happen is I will keep trying various methods until at some point , the pain and discomfort and possibly hospitalizations will force me to quit. Or I will die. Sad, but true. So, #7
  3. I worked on this for many decades. I have discovered that 99% of my pain is resolved by consistently sleeping on the floor. It took years of trying every suggestion, wasted time, money and disappointment, not to mention exposure to medications before I found the solution. This does not mean it wont come back, because , well, “progressive” So, #5 & #6
  4. I still like to play pool. I have accepted that I cannot play well and I still do not know why. That doesn’t mean I will never play. I’ll just enjoy it for what it is. So, #2
  5. Menopause sucks for sure. I will continue to try anything reasonable to alleviate the symptoms. It is also not forever, so # 4

Now, boys & girls which # didn’t I use? That’s right, #1. It’s never an option.

And there is no “Perfect Solution”. Except the solution to keep trying. If there was only one option for anything we would all be looking, doing, saying and believing exactly the same. I just keep going. I test new things. If I fall off the cart, I get back on. Think about these examples-If gastric surgery were the only option for weight loss, if nicotine patches were the only way to quit smoking, if AA was the only way to quit drinking we would all be cured or not cured based on only the choice to do or not do ONE thing. Ridiculous!  This applies almost every problem we can have in life. So, don’t give up.. keep trying… as long as you are breathing, every minute is another chance. And the possibilities are endless! Namaste!


nurse, mother, artist, and chameleon ...

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