Good Things & Good Days

In the average person’s day, many events occur. They may be uplifting, depressing, frustrating, or simply  humdrum. The way we perceive and receive the information is a particularly individual process. We attach various emotions or labels to the events according to whatever partitions are unique brain pattern has set up over a lifetime. 

On any given day , the same event occurring to several different people is perceived in a wide variety of ways. For instance:  An ordinary trip to the grocery store—

Person A- (Good feelings) “awesome! I have a fresh variety of groceries now to choose from! I can’t wait to cook, plan meals and eat!”

Person B- ( Negative feelings) “Damn, I hateshopping. I just want to get this over with.”

Person C- (Fear feelings) “I hope this doesn’t cost too much, I barely have enough money to pay for my gas this week to get to work”

Person D-(Ambivalent feelings) “I’ll stop by to get groceries while I’m out doing other tasks, won’t take much time or effort”

Additionally, these feelings can be different on different days for each person, depending on circumstance, current situation, environment , or unexpected co current events. Example – Person A may start out feeling good , but then run into traffic, torrential rain, problems with an ATM transaction, and so on( then become similar to person B in their perception)

Never-the-less, optimism is a key goal in attaining emotional and spiritual health and wellness. Understanding our ability to transform feelings and perceptions of events is one of the most important stages of growth in our human state.

There are a myriad of ways to retrain your brain towards a more positive perception. Some people use daily mantra’s, other’s- a grateful list, some use prayer and others- positive self- talk. One of the ways my roommate and I grow our positivity daily is by acknowledging that no matter what type of day we are having ( inside and externally) there is ALWAYS “one good thing” about the day. And each and every one of those moments gets us from one day to the next. We recently committed to writing these down each day on small slips of paper and keeping them in a jar on our kitchen table. We have decided that 6 months to a year  from now, we will take an evening to sit and go through the notes together and remember our “good” moments. 

This daily habit helps us each day to work toward a more positive outlook on life and gives us something to look forward to later. As we remember the special moments that helped us through the difficult ones, our perceptions of the world and our lives are expanded in a more productive and positive manner.



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