Bye Bye Baggage

There’s nothing like moving to make you realize how much “stuff” you have . As my roommate and I sift through and pack for our inevitable “Big Move” (on Halloween Night , no less) we have found ourselves in a perfect position to rid ourselves of unnecessary baggage- literally.

But getting rid of baggage doesn’t only apply to material things. There’s a time when we have to evaluate what, and even whom, needs to be thrown on the trash pile – emotionally, and mentally. 

Over the past year or so, I have eliminated many relationships that no longer served me. Some were toxic, some were dead weight and others were just not all that important ( example- old email contacts that I barely remember.)

Additionally, I have also ditched alcohol, most of my meds(health) and social media(habit). I have opted out of the less important art events and reduced my space at the gallery I belong to( social). In January, I reduced a ton of expenses in my life and saved myself over $300 /month( financial). Last year I got rid of much of my furniture which created more room in my home and is paying off now not having to move it. I purged all of my files( 3 trash bags!) and multiple bags of clothing ( space/organization). I bought around 20 plastic bins and got rid of old cardboard boxes that were falling apart and not worth keeping. The list goes on.

Baggage = people and things that take up space in your environment and head without any rational or reasonable benefit.

Take some time to list what needs to go, then make those trips to the dumpster( literally and figuratively). You will be amazed at how much peaceyou can create in your life! Namaste!


nurse, mother, artist, and chameleon ...

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