Pirates, Mermaids, and Gypsies

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a pirate. I mean, how COOL would it be to sail a huge wooden ship all over the world looking for treasure? From the first time I watched Peter Pan- I didn’t want to be Tinkerbell, Wendy or even Peter Pan. I wanted to be Captain Hook. Then there was Treasure Island, The Pirates of Penzance, Hook, Sinbad the Sailor and, later, The Princess Bride. As I grew older , I read and collected books specifically about life on the ocean , like Moby Dick( fiction) and many historical accounts – Blackbeard, Anne Bonny and Mary Steed –as well as any books about pirates and ocean life/lore that I could get my hands on . I still do. Of course, I own all 5 of The pirates of The Carribbean Movies. Even my astrological sign fits the bill- Aquarians are the ‘Water Bearer’, yet they are an air sign( on the ocean but above the water- see where I am going with that?). Wearing those cool hats, visiting exotic locations, seeing whales & octopuses, owning a parrot or monkey… the list of my obsessions with it all is endless! 

Yup- a pirate’s life for me! 

Naturally, as a Pirate( if only in spirit) I gave birth to a land Mermaid (my daughter) and a Gypsy( my son). And, in many ways, their natures reflect those designations.)

So, even if I cannot , literally become a pirate, I can and have incorporated things in my life that remind me of my first love. It’s one of the things that keep me grounded when the tides turn ( pun intended).

Not only do I collect books and movies, over the years I have collected shells, pirate décor, and focused much of my own art( painting) on marine life and ocean scenes. I study the nuances of the ocean and water itself. I even sometimes wear pirate-y clothing, sing pirate songs ( I know quite a few!) and sometimes eat like one. It’s a tiny bit of my true spirit that makes everyday life bearable. Alas, I cannot handle rum though( and probably a good thing)!

As adults many of us have lost that playful nature. We get too serious, and too far from our imaginations. But, we need to try to keep our inner child in ways that are harmless, uplifting, and inspiring. It can bring us joy and sentiment,  innocent laughter, deep philosophy, as well as a reconnection with our soul.

What is your spirit child?Who does she/he long to be? And how can you bring that spirit back to life?

Allow yourself to daydream a bit and remember. You never know what you will rediscover. Namaste!


nurse, mother, artist, and chameleon ...

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