Step #6- Finding Your Bliss

Recap: If you have not read through all of the steps so far, please take the time to do so, or re read if you have lost sight or not made progress. Perhaps you have skipped some, or perhaps even forgotten about them by now. Part of any success story is  frequent review and assessment. And as I say often, in this day and age , we have so much information whizzing by, and so many options, it is easy to lose focus.

Just to refresh :

Step #1- defining yourself

Step # 2-finding your truth

Step # 3- defining your issues & problem areas

Step # 4- making a plan for change

Step #5- monetary goals

Now the next step-Finding your Bliss.

This one sounds like fun, right? Well, sort of….

Remember, this whole project is about change and change can be challenging, even when it’s about finding peace. If this seems contradictory, it’s probably because when most people envision peace, they think of whiling away hours drinking rum on a beach somewhere. Or never having to work again. Or just “getting away from it all”( in general).But those things not true peace. They are only an escape.And that means there is something we feel we need to escape “from”. True peace is knowing that there is no need to escape.

So , what does all that amount to anyway? Well it ties in to all of the other steps in a sense. Because at the point when you have defined yourself, found your truth, began to work on defined problems by making a real plan ( that usually include monetary ones- for most people) there is usually the crazy side effect of starting to feel a bit more in control. You can move forward because there are less things to hide from, run from or avoid. You are well on your way to CALM. This doesn’t mean there will never be strife, anxiety, frustration or anything negative ever again. There will still be tough moments or days and unexpected obstacles. But by now, you should be better able to get through MOST of them  with more stealth.

And I know I have taken some time to get to the effort/challenge part of this step so here it is:

  1. Grab your notebook, a pen, and sit them down somewhere nearby

2.Begin by relaxing your mind. Try to start this when you have at least an hour to yourself. Read a few pages of a favorite book, listen to some music, meditate or whatever you do to calm yourself for about 10-15 minutes. When you are feeling relaxed, pick up the aforementioned items.

3.Make 7 columns and in the first column list everything you can think of that makes you feel “happy”. It can be anything from kittens, to hot cocoa, to dreaming about vacation. Write as many as you can think of. The small silly things and the really big ones

. 4. Beside each of these( second column) , write the name of a person who most closely resembles the thought you wrote down, or the person you most closely associate to those feelings

5. Next go back and write down the location that you would most closely associate with those thoughts( third column)

6. do the same with smells, sounds, colors, and textures(the remaining 4 columns)

( stay with me- I know this all sounds weird but it will make sense)

Once you have your grid completed, put it down. Go back to whatever it was that you were doing to relax previously -for about 15 minutes. Then stop again, look back at your list.. Circle the first 7 things that stand out. 

Mine were: swinging in a hammock, my roommate, the woods, running water, lavender, green, and crisp. This is the place I need my mind to be to experience bliss. The type of bliss that gets me through those tough times.  I don’t need to actually BE anywhere else. I just need my mind to be there.

The idea behind this is that we need to be able to find our bliss at any time, every day by recognizing the things that make us feel good and THEN creating a space in our lives that closely resembles that space. In our homes, in our hearts, and in our minds. When you take time to really consider all of the aspects of the things that bring you peace, you are more likely to bring them closer to you in your life. And having those things close will help bring you balance and peace when you need it the most.

I worked ( and am indeed , still working) to bring myself closer to those things by daily setting aside time to envision them, then creating the scenario in my life- inside and out. I began vacationing more in the woods (near those things), I spent more time with my roommate, eliminated things that were far from my ideal lifestyle, and even MOVED .I burned scented candles/incense, kept my room cool and moist and played water sounds as I slept. I began walking more often outside. These things have become part of my every day, and so are more often in my mind .They help me transition more quickly from chaos to calm, especially when things aren’t going so well.

Because bliss is about how you want to spend your days and time, who you want to spend it with, what you want to be surrounded with, what smells, sights, sounds , and textures you want to experience every day.

Bliss is not about an escape from every day life, its’s what you want your everyday life to BE.


nurse, mother, artist, and chameleon ...

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