From another Blogger:Trust Your Journey — Free to Be V

When I started on this recovery journey I thought the only part of me that needed to change was the part of me that craved alcohol like I craved oxygen. The longer I stay sober, the list of things I need to work on seems to be getting longer and longer each day. You see, […]

Trust Your Journey — Free to Be V


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12 thoughts on “From another Blogger:Trust Your Journey — Free to Be V

  1. I have the same issue like you. I can´t tell you how many detox centres I have been in, stopped counting after number 3. Not even jail time helped. So I decided since I know the theory from A to Z, it´s all on me. No psychologist no BS, Me and only me to stay sober. Doing good for now as you seem to be doing, hope to read more of your journey with more time. What actually hooked me at the beginning was the title “Wake up!”. Sure have to.

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    1. this blog post was from another blogger, but i really liked the way she explained things. i have only been sober 11 months this month, but i truly enjoy reading & watching other peoples journey, especially those with under a year. I have been fortunate not to have needed detox or rehab( so far!) and no jail time . But a close friend of mine just passed away from severe alcohol abuse despite many times in both and many DUI issues. It’s a very powerful disease that many do not understand .


      1. 11 months, that’s pretty good. You seem like keeping it in control (hope so). At age 30 I spent 18 days in ICU made it alive with the diagnosis of severe necrotizing pancreas. Only at age 30…7 years later I continue, still alive but they did tell me that the only reason they saved me was because I was only 30, if that would happen to me now I probably would be dead. Not a fun experience, but still I play Russian roulette


      2. yes, y friend was only in her 30’s//she spent years having seizures due to drinking daily ( from what i understand – at least a box of wine to herself each day at a minimum)..i used to drink heavily but not really daily ( expect for a few months when i was unemployed)..but it was mainly a weekly nights off habit where i overindulged and couldn’t stop once i started.i don’t know but it sure seems there are so many different types of alcoholics. Probably why i had such a tough time identifying as one:(


      3. There are functioning alcoholics, then there are like me that I literally woke up with shivers and the first thing to take away that is having at least one carton of wine (here in Spain those cartons of wine are 88 cents so you can imagine the poison) just to get the shivers off. And then for the whole day carton after carton, it got to the point I didn’t leave my cool rent room of 4 feet by 8 feet unless I needed wine. Good thing the people in that house are….not the best either to put it mildly.
        You seem to control it in the sense you can stop until the weekend. But as me, once I start I can´t stop. Like normal people that they take a glass of wine or whatever their choose of booze is, If I start I have to finish unconscious. So thankfully almost a month without starting.


      4. it all starts with a a day, a week then a month and so on, and yes i was good at waiting all week for years..but because it was a regular thing where i drank until i blacked out or passed out every week was bad..but now…11 months today alcohol free…i can honestly say i don’t feel like a whole different person, but i do feel like i can deal with life better usually . I think a person is still the same on the inside whether drinking or not, but i never knew that until i quit.keep going:)


      5. i see that you are a poet as run an open mic poetry night here in the states..we had a little venue for 3 years and recently took over a set at a local art gallery to host it. we also have writers, artists , comedians and musicians as features each time in addition to the open mic going to reads:)


      6. A bad poet I am yes.
        Very interesting your job, has to be fascinating to be around all those creative type of people.
        Unfortunately I live in Spain since….I´m Spanish and screwed up my shot at the university while in the U.S. You might guess why my grades dropped and they took away the scholarship.
        Here in Spain there is nothing like what your line of work is. For that matter there are no establishments of open mic, and you have to search under a rock in some small unknown town to find a writers group like you have there in the U.S around each corner.
        Pretty cool job you have.


      7. aww thats terrible….i assumed they had them in most euro countries..oh, and its not my “job” am actually a nurse..our venue was non profit , does for community service for our fellow creatives..:)


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