How We Spend Our “Holidays”..

No matter what faith you are, or what part of the world you are in, it seems that these two months of the year are filled with either celebrating, or dealing with others around you celebrating. That can mean different things to different people. And it never ceases to amaze me all of the ways people celebrate. Decorating trees, parades, candle services, food, singing, telling stories, drinking alcohol and exchanging gifts to name a few.

As far as I can tell I could actually celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas AND Kwanzaa if I wish during this time.. nothing in the definition or literature technically prevents me from doing so as a Christian. Perhaps some year I will do so. But what does prevent me from getting in the mood( as I have stated previously) is the commercialism and expectations surrounding all of it. 

I do believe if I chose to celebrate in any way on my own it would be to follow the simple traditions of it all which I DO find meaningful and worthwhile. The peace of traditional rituals has always soothed me in ways I cannot explain. Lighting candles, hymns, prayers and symbolism(s) of peace, thankfulness & unity ( like doves, and the star atop a tree).If I could just have that around me instead of the insanity, wastefulness and greed, I would feel much less anxiety about the whole season itself.

All of that being said, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday so far and will continue to celebrate in whatever manner brings you joy. Tonight I have to get to bed early for my full day of orientation at a new agency tomorrow. Day time.. sunlight…shuddering already…hahaha!



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