Step # 10 – Your Perfect Self

At the end of this month , my 6 month commitment to the original project goal will come to an end. Over this time frame I have veered off the original intent which was to focus solely on being off of social media. But I have found that while doing so, I was able to pursue many other goals for positive life style changes.So, I will be continuing to blog about , recovery, life challenges, meditation and goals, etc. 

( Note: If you are new to this blog and would like to look at the  10 steps I used during this process- which are basically about self-analysis and insights to help with personal growth- I will be posting that in a separate post very shortly.)

A summary:

We have so far looked at our problems , truths, goals, demons & flaws. We have meandered into finding our bliss as well as taking off our “masks” to peek at what is under them and make sure we aren’t misleading ourselves. This is the 10thand final step for this blog project, which has evolved from simply getting off of Facebook for 6 months , into growing from challenges and putting energy into true life change.

This final step takes into account ALL of the other steps which should culminate into this one- becoming your perfect self. Now, whereas I say “perfect” I am reaching past the tried and true “best “ self. Because I believe that each and every day, as we put forth our best efforts to change as we learn about ourselves we ARE actually being our best selves in the moment. So this is introducing the next or new concept…it is about the FUTURE.

Concept: In the future, we become our perfect selves

When I started my life recovery in 2019 I felt like a very out of shape unhealthy person living in our toxic environment, unhappy with my surroundings and having no real purpose except getting drunk and acting like an idiot every Thursday night when I was off. While i was accomplishing some things, like furthering our artists venue, i wasn’t clear on or happy with most other things in my life.

So, when I truly started the life recovery journey I first had the idea of “getting back to” the person I remembered myself to be before 2011. Healthier, more focused, stable, etc. But even as I had the idea, I also knew that many aspects of that life were no longer possible .So I had to envision something totally new. And if I am going to dream, I am going to dream BIG. I began forming the version of my perfect self – with all the trimmings- but based on reality and possibilities.

In essence, as I started to restructure  my daily life and write down or at least imagine the changes i wanted to see, I was envisioning what that would look like down the road. I saw a sober, non-smoking person, who owned her own home ,ate healthier, exercised regularly, wasn’t attached to social media or continuing in toxic relationships. I had to dig deep to find out why I had chosen otherwise over the years and then figure out how to correct the situation(s).

For your final step- begin to picture your absolute perfect self- the one you are currently jealous of and wish to become. Write down a detailed description of her/him-what she feels everyday, what he does with his time.Paint a picture of them. Sing a song that relates to their personality.When you meditate, envision that person. Use every energy you have towards creating that being – love, anger, sadness ,etc- as fuel for the goal. He/she should be in your head at every moment as you move forward.Become infatuated with your future self. In order to reach your goal, you must BECOME your goal.

I am still working on that perfect future self. But the picture is becoming more clear to me every day. I have gained the confidence I need to make serious changes, tough choices and STICK to my guns, regardless of the difficulties. At the same time I am learning to allow for and accept small failures as opportunities to learn and fine tune my life.

I hope this blog project has been helpful to someone and as I continue to journey down my own path, my words for you are simple:

Never give up. Do great things. You can do it and ONLY you. 

Life is good if you allow it to be. So ..




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6 thoughts on “Step # 10 – Your Perfect Self

  1. I am doing so many things this year I didn’t think I would be able to start doing, reading without feeling guilty, letting my kids play for 3 hours a day without “entertaining them” (in two 1.5 hour blocks) so that’s how I’ve been able to take some time to mentally slow down and read, write or brainstorm. I think a lot of the proactivity I’ve been able to manifest in my life has been stolen from your coattails. Starting the year with the stoic quote “While we are postponing, life speeds by. Nothing … is ours, except time,” (Seneca) on the stoic walks I take in the afternoon with my daughter reminds me of you, your blog title always jolts me to take a little more ownership of my time management to live a better life while I can (in the moment). I’m so glad out of all the blogs online that I happened to find yours and that you plan to continue to write, my world would be a little less bright without having more of your work to read. 🕯️


    1. that is probably the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me..ty so much for that..and i feel very much the same reading uplifting posts on here that also keep me grounded. there is something much moe “real” it seems with blogs as opposed to Facebook, although time will tell. I have run across a lot of blogs that just seem to be selling something and i hate that. Happy to read you raw , deep feelings when you post . Namaste!


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