Nothin’ But a Cheater!

Disclaimer: this has nothing to do with relationships. If you are looking for THAT drama.. look elsewhere. This one is just a catchy title about my diet ,etc.

When I first started this most recent diet, my past experiences kicked in and I tried to use that previous knowledge once again to lose this weight. However, as I have stated many times, things have changed. My age, my hormones, and  my physical self- activity/habits/strength, etc. Even though the basics will always hold value ( i.e. calories in/calories out ) it is almost impossible to convince the masses just how much of the rules no longer work. Especially women who have not or are not going through menopausal stuff. 

 I did the usual things- stuff that I have always suggested to everyone else as a personal trainer. I cut calories based on a formula of BMI /goal weight vs. starting weight. But after a few weeks, things went a bit crazy. I was seriously feeling deprived spiteful and energy-less. I lost TOO much weight and I knew it wasn’t sustainable. So I began another old ritual- watching my macro’s. Previously, increasing my protein had worked to keep me feeling full. But this time, it worked only for a few days. Damn these hormonal shifts!

As I explained, I recently found that adding bread back in and extra sleep helped tremendously, as well as keeping stress levels under control. This cannot be emphasized enough to women in this age group. But I wanted to add a few more specific “cheats” that I discovered along the way that have really helped so far. It may actually be better to call them “compromises” .

  1. I had to find ways to still feel satisfied without sacrificing TOO much of the pleasure. Food, in first world countries at least is more about “pleasure” than survival. So, there is no use in trying to go with all low fat/low calorie foods as a rule. You will feel the effects promptly. Deprivation, very little joy, and eventually “resentment”.
  2. The first compromise was with bread. The first week I actually bought a 6 pack of regular hoagie rolls. Subs are something I craved immensely, and I got my fill. Especially cheesesteaks and Italian subs. My compromise was this- I bought shaved chicken over shaved beef for the cheese steak ( saving over 100 calories per ounce) . I used very thinly sliced swiss cheese ( only 40 calories for 3 slices) . The following week I also switched to Hellman’s low fat Mayo which is only 35 calories per 2 tbsp.( regular is 100/tbsp). I have found that I cannot stand this mayo in any other way, but it’s ok on bread. It just sucks in dips and in homemade salad spreads( blech).I still loaded up on lettuce tomato and onions as well as my hot pepper spread. 
  3. I also enjoy wraps. I found a very tasty low carb garden veggie wrap ( 60 calories for a large wrap) . I use them a lot- with chicken breast, veggies, as well as turkey or chicken lunch meat instead of roast beef, salami, and other heavier meats.
  4. I found a 100 calorie wheat English muffin, and some 40 calorie per slice regular wheat bread. Finding both of these took some time because not all sandwich breads , etc. actually taste good of have a good texture. So, you have to experiment. P.s. after 6 months of trying last year, I never did find a gluten free bread I could tolerate. Bread is my kryptonite- so it has to at least be acceptable in flavor & texture.
  5. I love pastries and baked stuff .I had a few cupcakes on my birthday but even the regular size ones with frosting are 250 calories each! My compromise was pound cake and angel food cake, no icing( 160 calories and 100 calories per serving). It can be a bit dry though and I may add something later to help with that.. just need to decide what. I have seen a few chocolate & caramel syrups that are not bad in sugar content.
  6. I did get a “few” veggie patties but I know I won’t stick to them as the texture isn’t what I like. I’ve tried many brands. But I can deal with them on occasion. I found some mini sausage patties as well. They aren’t “low fat” but 2 of them are only 110 calories, so still works for breakfast.
  7. I started using mustard and ketchup again over mayonnaise when I can. Doesn’t work with everything, but ketchup is ok with the veggie patties and  mustard on wraps. Also , I warm up sandwiches about 15 seconds in the microwave at times if they contain cheese because  it creates a sort of “steam “ effect and then I don’t usually need any condiments at all to make the bread less dry.
  8. Switching from whole eggs to egg whites only. This one has never bothered me at all. I can’t even tell the difference.
  9. And finally, light sour cream over regular, light yogurt over full fat. Since I don’t use either of these often, it’s deal-able.

Outside of these small compromises, I have changed no other foods. I just pay attention to how much I consume. I am not rigid and I’ve taken a hiatus from structured exercise in order to sleep more. Sounds weird but it’s working for me for now.I still have quite a bit of energy AND a lot less aches & pains.Also, the 10-12 hour “fast “ each day probably helps. I bought a food scale to weigh portions. The app I have scans store bought foods which makes it super simple.

My goal at the moment is maintaining 120 lbs. and perhaps in a few weeks will try for 115 if I feel it will be healthy. Just winging it as I go and sharing my experience. Let me know what you have tried and how it’s worked for you!


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4 thoughts on “Nothin’ But a Cheater!

  1. Well I’ve just eaten a huge chicken burger and fries with THE BIGGEST and CREAMIEST vanilla milkshake ever! Probably about 2000 calories right there!😳. No deprivation for me … just a very flabby bloated belly 🙊😂

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