The Typical House in St Lucia outside of the tourist area- from my Missions trip in 2010

So, it’s been a few days and my last post had only one comment. I suppose no one really knows what to do,or maybe my usual crew missed the post or perhaps there are just so many varying feelings about the whole thing no one wants to express anything.

So, let me take a guess based on some of the things i have been seeing people saying online related to it all ( not my post specifically- which they haven’t seen)

  1. “People should be grateful to receive a check during this crisis.”
  2. “People should be grateful to have a job when others are losing theirs.”
  3. “People should be grateful to not have to go to work”
  4. OMG..the political bashing and blaming…enough said
  5. “People shouldn’t be taxed on this check, it takes away the point of helping”
  6. ” I’m not gonna listen to any of it. I’ll do whatever i want, go where i want, when i want”
  7. “People need to stay at home.Period”
  8. “People need to stop panicking”

It goes on & on.

Here is my take. At this time, it is UNCLEAR as to whether the check will be taxable down the road. It is also UNCLEAR when we will be getting it. It is UNCLEAR if there will be any consequences down the road such as added items in the bill. We just don’t know. Hell, we don’t even know for certain if we will be getting anything , as individuals. So in spite of my previous rant, i will now acquiesce to letting things just run their course. I will not continue to make assessments and statements when obviously , ultimately- NO ONE KNOWS for sure where all of this- the virus, the longterm affects, the money, the jobs,etc.- is going. I have no crystal ball.If i get the money, i get it. If i don’t , i don’t. And whatever the end result, it is what it is.

My worries right now are just speculation. I worry about the reactions of those who are not in any way prepared for isolation. I worry about people getting desperate ( mentally, emotionally, physically).I worry about the alcoholics/addicts who are unable to get their fix.I worry about increased criminal activity due to financial or material lack. i worry about the entirety of what this will mean for the economy for years to come.


I cannot do anything about any of this. What i can do is go to work, pay my bills, stay healthy( sleep, eat, meditate). I can keep going through the motions and not let emotions take over. I can be grateful for the things i do have, and not ruminate about what i don’t. I am not in a third world country. i still have electricity, clean water, heat, food, a car, a job. Our country ( U.S.) in spite of all its cons , has a lot to be grateful for.Many countries do NOT have money for unemployment compensation, food reserves, or basic life essentials. We take so many things for granted.And when i see the immediate, knee jerk reactions to the day to day news, i can remind myself that things could be a LOT worse. The photo above is one of the typical structures used for housing on the island of ST. Lucia outside of the tiny little port/tourist area most of us only see. The is “home” for most families. It’s one of my own personal photos, not from google. The poverty is real.

I hope again that all of you are safe, feeling well, and have what you need. Big Virtual Hugs!


nurse, mother, artist, and chameleon ...

16 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. It’s a mind frick to say the least. Many of us including myself have an interesting time keeping things together in “normal” times, so this is definitely a strange trip having everyone coming along for the ride. One day I’m up the next I’m down. Many days I whisper to myself it’s okay, it’s okay, let the feelings come this is all so new, while others I hide under my pillow and close my eyes. Definitely searching for some solid ground. So much blabbing going on from the outside, I wonder why I keep clicking links and viewing sites. News news what is new around this new frame? Transitions are never easy. Well just have to be patient and wait and see. Sitting and getting in tune with love and it’s frequency has helped me. Hugs to you, Lovie🤗

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  2. Yeah I was alright until today when I left my bubble and found out just how much impact this is having everywhere. I was doing my shopping for my essentials in a world that is not my normal world. I have never been to the supermarket and seen so many people wearing face masks, including full ones. I have never had to walk around pushing my trolley not only watching out for what I want to buy but make sure I keep the permitted space between myself and others near me. I can’t remember ever walking around and seeing so many stressed, anxious and frankly scared people in my life. This is all foreign and everyone is learning a new way to get through each day with no idea how long it’s going to last. I’m like Dwight one day I can be feeling awesome and then the next bang I come crashing down. I was getting good at the mental strength to hold onto that ledge up at awesome but now my fingers are struggling to grip onto that ledge and it can give way without warning. Finding the strength on top of the anxiety to pull my chin back up is hard work. But hey, today was a shitty day and I have now centered myself back in my bubble where I have everything I currently need. Sending you a big hug xox

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    1. It’s definitely when you step out and witness what’s happening for others that it becomes tricky. This weekend has not been great for me either. I’m trying to keep that bloody depression at bay though. Finally got myself out of the duvet at midday!!!! Sending love and hugs to you FG and Lovie xx 🤗

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  3. Hi Lovie. I’ve been all over the place with my thoughts and emotions too. I think you are right on about staying in a place of gratitude as often as we can. Love to you.xx

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  4. thanks guys…it’s good to know that all over the world, people seem to be going through a lot of the same emotional ups & downs. the best any of us can do is be grateful and not allow our hearts to become jaded and black. xoxoxo

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  5. Almost a year later and it’s very much still up and down for me. I caught this post late, but sadly so much is still pretty much current. “Things are never so bad that they couldn’t get worse.” – Irish Proverb ⏰

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