The New Steps

A few days ago, i mentioned having to make a new 10 Steps that takes into consideration changes that have occurred not only in my personal life, but also in the world as we know it. Of course this includes the pandemic as well as( to a lesser degree) some political stuff. I will refrain from posting this until after our election on November 3rd as some of my considerations must include the results of such. Even though today it seems like Groundhogs Day and the election crap will never end.

I have reviewed my first 10 step list and i am pretty clear on asserting that they maintain their validity . Even as i read them, i was renewed in spirit and purpose about going forward, with the knowledge that i had indeed captured the essence of my intent.

So now the tough work begins again. How shall i proceed? Do i refine or break down the previous steps? Come up with a whole new list? or Combine both ideas? I am sure many writers ( the more well known ones) go through this process as well after they have finally written a book that sold successfully . I mean, my question would surely be “How so i do better or at least equal that?”


Contemplating this monumental task is daunting even for someone like me with a teeny tiny blog on the internet. I cannot even begin to imagine the pressure of a world wide best seller author.

But then i realized…not a single one of the those steps were pre planned. I started blogging about going off social media and decided to start adding in some miscellanious life challenges i had faced in my own experience with the small hope that even one person might someday read and gain value from. I still hope this with each post i make. I harbor no illusions that i will ever become a successful , well known writer in any sense!Hell, i can’t even get my boyfriend, new roommate, or family members to read ( although my daughter occasionally throws me a bone). So much for being the female version of the Dos Equis dude! lol…

So, it’s really not that monumental after all. Just gonna create a very vague outline first. And i need to start i believe with what has changed. Here goes:

  1. The pandemic and political considerations
  2. I have been a homeowner again now for exactly one year (October 31st)
  3. I am no longer “single”
  4. I am back on Facebook, have 2 accounts, and a whole different way of using said accounts
  5. I have 2 roommates now, and the new addition is still a learning curve for all of us.
  6. Working at a new agency with different pay and benefits
  7. Menopause has become very very real. Being over 50 has become much more real.
  8. I am no longer a “tee-totaler”. But i am most certainly no longer the drunk, helpless, uncontrolled alcoholic i once was.
  9. I am very much less involved in my community
  10. Because of all of the above, finances have changed and been affected whether directly or indirectly

This is my starting point.

I do hope you will follow along.



nurse, mother, artist, and chameleon ...

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