The Totem Pole

First, my apologies for not keeping up with posts on here this past week. Have still been struggling with an emotional event . I have been processing some things and working on issues and i believe things will be ok with a little time and effort. In the meantime, i did get back to doing some art. I decided in light of the specifics i would focus on my positive qualities by creating a personal totem pole with the animals i find symbolic to me.

My Totems

I often create using these particular animals. The meaning behind each is personally significant. The giraffe i have always found pleasantly odd in the wild kingdom because of its shape, size and coat pattern. In essence it represents my own oddity and uniqueness in the human world. The lion symbolizes my strength, the wolf is my survivalist nature, and the phoenix , my ability to always rise from the ashes. I wanted to include an elephant but on a 9 x 12 it would have taken too much room. So instead i added the butterfly because in the Southeastern Cherokee language the same word is used for both .”Kamama” means butterfly or elephant and is also used as a girls name because it infers beauty.

I really need to focus on these positive aspects of myself more often. In addition there has been a family crisis added to the mix so, just a tough time in general. I am sure all will be well and i am not hitting rock bottom or anything –just taking some time.

I hope you all enjoyed a nice holiday dinner ( Thanksgiving in the U.S.). I made pork and sauerkraut with mashed potatoes as well as ate some shrimp – both normally are eaten here on New years day for luck and i figure i may as well get a head start. Hugs to all and Namaste!


nurse, mother, artist, and chameleon ...

10 thoughts on “The Totem Pole

  1. What a beautiful piece! That’s also very interesting about butterfly and elephant having the same name in Cherokee. The two seem so different at first glance. Sorry to hear you are going through a rough patch. Using your creativity is helpful, I’m sure. Hugs to you, LP!

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    1. thanks..There was atime a few years ago when i was learning the Cherokee language and teaching it as i learned to my tribe via a page online.i didnt understand the reason the word would be the same either. But then i found several articles explaining the possible reasons. There are various theories but each is very interesting.

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