Stress Lesson

Not to bore anyone but i am finally home after almost 3 days in hospital and feel the need to explain just how horrible this whole event was.

First of all, i don’t know if anyone reading has ever felt a sustained heart rate of over 200 for 5 hours, but i can tell you the pain is incredible and unrelenting. You are tired as crap but cannot lay down. You cannot breathe in fully without even more severe pain. And no matter how hard you tell yourself you to suck it up and get over it, meditate, and breathe as slowly as you can- you get to a point where you can no longer deny it’s a life or death issue. Thats where i was after 2 1/2 hours. I could barely move, was on all fours on the floor and had trouble even texting my clients mom to come down to call 911. I certainly couldn’t talk to them myself. I knew i was no longer able to care for my client and would be putting him at risk, especially if i passed out or went into cardiac arrest.The decision to call was based on his risk, not my own.

It is insanely shocking and surreal . I have never had heart issues other than occasional palpitations that were bothersome but not life altering. I started on the lowest dose of Metoprolol years ago for it and never had an issue since. But with this event, the pain and rapid heart rate started so suddenly and for no apparent reason. I kept trying to get it under control and blow it off as my usual anxiety . Unfortunately it was not. The paramedics and even the hospital struggled to get my heart back to normal for over an hour with injectable cardiac meds with no results. Eventually , they had to send 200 jules of electric to my heart. Cardioversion was the only solution.

It worked. Blood tests showed my magnesium and potassium to be dangerously low- with no known cause. After the 3 days of constant testing , bloodwork and inquisition the only answer i got was possible prolonged stress causing Vtach/SVT/A-fib . But no one had any other answers. All the testing and bloodwork showed nothing wrong inside my heart or surrounding organs.Even my lungs were clear. My blood pressure, oxygen sats , temperature and breathing were normal. Just the sudden, sustained high heart rate.

I am now on a new anti arrythmia medication and magnesium supplement. I have a follow up at a cardiologist. ME, who dances around and jumps with wild abandon to mosh bands and punk rock. ME, who has always maintained some level of fitness most of my life ( pandemic not withstanding). ME, 54 years old with no serious medical history .

Folks, it can happen at any time to anyone for no reason. This i learned. In fact the attending cardiologist says he sees more of this with those are physically fit, eat well, etc. Because we are the types that are so hard on ourselves, and think we can “handle it all”.And p.s.- even though i brought up smoking as a cause several times he said with the amount i smoke it really wasn’t a factor- it doesn’t help, but not what caused it.I smoke 10 or less cigs a day.He says you would see tis possibly as a cause in those who smoke a pack or more a day.

We are not Gods, no matter how much we deny our own mortality and fragility.

Stress. I was told to avoid it..”But how?” i said ” It’s all around us, everyday. “

“Stop taking on so much and learn to say no ” was the answer i got in response. “It’s going to kill you”.


Guess i have some new goals to work on.



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9 thoughts on “Stress Lesson

  1. Make sure to listen to your doctor with reducing your stress dear! Can be so hard to do with all going on but try somehow to find a way! I’ve never experienced anything like you have but it sure does sound scary. I am thinking of you! Keep us updated! ❤️

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  2. Glad you’re back home😊. Scary… frickin scary. Literally stops you in your tracts and gets you thinking about our precious life. If you’re looking for a bit of a distraction I have one for you. Check out my new friend Blake at . He’s working on paying off a ton of debt and could use some support and your insights😎. So glad you’re okay now, Lovie!

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  3. I am so sorry you are going through this. Oddly enough, for one entire trimester in college my sophomore year, I had a heart rate of probably close to 125-150 all the time (for three months!)–it was super weird and unnerving and uncomfortable. It was all due to stress–I was so stressed with my course load, with personal changes, with depression, with binge eating, isolation, future planning, and sleeping 3-4 hours a night (these days, I think that’s a good night’s sleep, but at 19, I was still normal! Haha). It was all stress. You are under so much right now, and no matter how we try to push it aside, it is there, coming out in other ways. I know it’s hard, but try to let go and let others take on their own load… Big hugs!!! Glad you got some help, too!

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  4. Wow. So sorry you had to go through this wake up call! Time to put yourself first and simplify… your life may depend on it. Lots of love to you. 💖

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