The Big Purge

I don’t know about you, but i feel super excited about purging, and so peaceful and clear headed afterwards. Anything from clothes, to basement boxes full of bric-a-brac, to toxic people. Today’s “big purge” was old posts on here that contained very little helpful information and a whole lot of whining. But that wasn’t all, i also did my weekly chore and cleaned the area we had been smoking in. My roommate has decided to again join me in quitting so NO MORE SMOKING in the house ! I am beyond relieved as being around it was one of my biggest obstacles. In addition, i went out and washed/ vacuumed out my car, and a bunch of other smaller tasking around the house-continuing to introduce sun and light into my world.

Yesterdays blood work results were not what i wanted to hear. My magnesium is still low, requiring another script change, and the pharmacy did not have it available.I moped around for a few hours doom scrolling the possibilities ( you know- seizures, cardiac arrest, sudden death, etc ) But then i realized – i will handle it. I always do.

No one is responsible for my life, and only i can live it. I am the Phoenix rising. I am the master of my fate. I will not allow setbacks to define me.Obstacles are only lessons to be learned.

“Impossible isn’t a fact, it’s an opinion”- Muhammed Ali



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11 thoughts on “The Big Purge

  1. I love it! Be the phoenix rising, indeed. I am so happy to be free of smoking. Thrilled for you that your roommate will also quit. That is pretty major. Maybe establish boundaries in the beginning that the house/home turf will remain smoke free no matter what. That will help success from both sides, maybe. :)) Lots of love xoxo

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    1. indeed…i made it 5 months last time, she only made it 30 days . I made it clear she could only smoke outside ( then of course the pandemic hot and life was topsy turvy)..we caved for the winter time. But no matter what i dont want the house smelling like smoke so yeah…:)


  2. I agree, purging anything from your home to your digital footprint is always a nice feeling! I am thinking of purging my closet and this is the motivation I needed 🙂

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  3. I did a major “uncluttering” a couple years ago, and it felt so good. When we moved the following year, the process was much easier since we didn’t have all that unwanted “junk” to pack. Since then, I haven’t been so diligent. For a long time the thrift stores were closed to donations, so I’ve accumulated a lot of things that need to be given away. I hate discarding items that someone else can use. We’ve been in this house for nearly a year now, so it’s definitely time to start the process. I know it will feel really good to feel “uncluttered” again.

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    1. i have always been a ‘de-clutterer’..i often think it is related to watching my mother hang on to so much stuff, and listening to her then complain about having to clean it all ( she was martha stewart x 100 in that respect). It wasn’t that she was an extreme hoarder or anything, she just had so many “collections”- angel figurines, burn houses, hummel replicas, sets of china and porcelain…nothing worth anything other than sentimental or theme value…Then she would complain about having to store all of the holiday stuff- boxes and boxes of it.. probably why i find myself obsessed with minimalism….lol

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