Doctors Can Make You Crazy

Today was my follow up with an actual Cardiologist. While i did leave somewhat relieved, it isn’t lost on me how many senior citizens can feel lost , powerless and confused. After hearing the opinions from the hospital staff, then my PCP, and this specialist – i don’t know what to believe. All of them contradict.

But at least today i was assured that my event did not occur from the low magnesium and potassium. In fact, he says that was likely caused by the 6 doses of adenosine they used to try to chemically convert me before having to use the shock. So i was taken off the supplement. Thank God- the laxative effect and nausea was getting to be an issue.

At any rate , he believes that my usual PVC’s ( quite common) just picked up on an accessory pathway and went crazy for an unknown reason. He believes it to be stress related. However, i have no blockages, and the tests so far look good.

But now i have to wear a heart monitor for 7 days. It is a small device that sticks to my left chest area. I cannot bath and showers have to be brief and facing away from the water. It itches already and is uncomfortable to sleep with. Next i need an MRI of my heart done to look for scar tissue. He says thats rare given all my other test results but after these two things i should be in the clear and my new medication should keep things steady. Unless the monitor shows i am having regular extra beats. Then i would need an ablation procedure.So, we shall see.

In the meantime i can go about my normal life and activities with the exception of the gym until this thing comes off due to sweating making it become damp and falling off.

So over all good news. It definitely could have been worse…

I have walked 3 times outdoors this week and done yoga afterwards twice.I’m on day 11 of quitting the smokes and doing well.

P.S. today, i did not drink:)



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13 thoughts on “Doctors Can Make You Crazy

  1. Not drinking can only be a good thing right now!
    I have PVCs. The come and go, but I can feel them when they happen. I had a stress test, etc. Seems I’m fine, lol.
    More yoga can only help! It is healing.


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    1. thanks…yeah i know this…sometimes though lately i feel like such a bore …i mean i know it’s healthier and i feel better when i do all the right things…but feels like all i do is pace around and drink ice water any more…work, eat ,sleep, etc..oh well, i’ll get over it…just adjusting:)


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