Self-Assessment 2022

Repeat after me: I love and am loved!

Let’s face it, folks- we are in the homestretch of 2022…the 4th quarter.. and right around the corner from new opportunities . It’s time to look yourself in the mirror, settle into meditation or spend time in your preferred way of embracing a better you.

I offer the following suggestions as a starting place. Pick one. Pick a dozen. Add your own. Or utilize all of them. It’s time for preparations now so that we don’t have to make reparations later.

And p.s.-Have fun!

  1. What gives you peace
  2. What gives you pleasure
  3. What are your strengths
  4. What are your challenges
  5. What are your obstacles
  6. What are your privileges
  7. What healthy boundaries have you stuck to this year
  8. What limitations have you accepted about yourself
  9. What was your biggest regret this year
  10. What was your greatest accomplishment
  11. How do you envision yourself changing in 2023
  12. What are the steps you will take to make that change
  13. What are you grateful for now?
  14. How has this past year changed you
  15. Are you surrounding yourself with positive people
  16. Has your environment changed in any way
  17. What are your fears for the coming year
  18. How did you give back in 2022
  19. How will you give back in 2023
  20. Who is most important to you
  21. Have you made significant progress toward your life goals this year
  22. How can you do better next year
  23. If you could change only one thing this year what would it be
  24. When you look in the mirror, what do you see
  25. Do you have any negative thoughts that need to be dealt with
  26. Has your faith deepened or changed in any way
  27. Do you have plans for a better spiritual life
  28. Have you made any cookies this year
  29. If not, why haven’t you made any cookies
  30. If so, what kind of cookies would you like to make this year

(can you tell I love cookies?-lol)

Hugs to all and Namaste!