WAKE UP!!!—Operation: Get a Life

Started this blog in 2019 with an intent to help myself get “unstuck” (and hopefully helps others do so as well) utilizing deep analysis of past experiences ,total transparency, sobriety, art, yoga, and re orienting my perspectives of social media. In 2020, i have floundered and been a bit sporadic but still haven’t lost too much ground despite the crisis’. In 2021 i hope to grow even more and one of the changes i will be making here is including more art, as i have realized to an even greater degree than ever- it’s what always gets me through!Please join me here for life changes, life challenges, growth and all things geared toward moving forward and “waking up”!!

We Plan, God Laughs….

As per my post title..tonight, i had myself a little chuckle. I thought back to my plans and goals from the beginning of 2021 and started thinking about how much those plans have changed. From my health, to my finances, to my focus in all areas. More specifically i re read a post i made […]

Those “I Don’t Feel Like It” Days

I was gonna write about this, but i didn’t feel like it…lol..just kidding! In the past few months as i have been mostly absent from here, i have experienced a whole lot of those days. It’s been on my mind to write about it here so I’m gonna give it a try. We all know […]

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    Very nice post and blog, thank you ver much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us, we know how important is experience in our lives.

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