WAKE UP!!!—Operation: Get a Life

Started this blog in 2019 with an intent to help myself get “unstuck” (and hopefully helps others do so as well) utilizing deep analysis of past experiences ,total transparency, sobriety, art, yoga, and re orienting my perspectives of social media. In 2020, i have floundered and been a bit sporadic but still haven’t lost too much ground despite the crisis’. In 2021 i hope to grow even more and one of the changes i will be making here is including more art, as i have realized to an even greater degree than ever- it’s what always gets me through!Please join me here for life changes, life challenges, growth and all things geared toward moving forward and “waking up”!!

The Big Purge

I don’t know about you, but i feel super excited about purging, and so peaceful and clear headed afterwards. Anything from clothes, to basement boxes full of bric-a-brac, to toxic people. Today’s “big purge” was old posts on here that contained very little helpful information and a whole lot of whining. But that wasn’t all, […]

Dead Man Walking

Ahh the ups & downs. Today went to a follow up appointment /check up with my PCP. Initially, when it was scheduled i had intended to discuss some smaller issues – a mild rash that comes & goes , maybe talk about some ever present reflux issues. But after the hospital stay of course, talk […]

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