Welcome! I hope you will follow along on my 6 month journey as i venture into a world without any social media accounts.Additionally, i have included posts on recovery / sobriety, hiking, goals, meditation, life challenges/changes and other topics.Just click on “blog feed” at the top and go back through as many posts as you like. I add one daily. I hope to discover a more meaningful way of life and connecting with world after almost 2 decades of being deeply entrenched in the social media culture and needing to break free for a bit.. I hope you will find some of the processes i have gone through and suggestions useful.Feed back is welcome. Thank you and have a most excellent day!

  • The Good & Bad things about Taking A Social Media Break.

    January 25, 2020 by

    So, my 6 month project is at and end. I have learned much and come full circle with a new perspective. For anyone considering taking a sabbatical , I have composed this list from my experience. The positives/good things:  No political banter, incessant advertising, emotional drama, fake news articles, desperate-for-attention selfies or invasions of my… Read more

  • My First 120 days Sober -May 2019

    January 23, 2020 by

    For all of my recovery blogger friends …. Found this old video i made when i had reached my 120 days last year. I had attempted to start my own recovery group but did not continue the group after a few months due to a lack of interest ( most would rather go to AA… Read more

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