WAKE UP!!!—Operation: Get a Life

Wake Up!

Started this blog in 2019 with an intent to help myself get “unstuck” (and hopefully helps others do so as well) utilizing deep analysis of past experiences ,total transparency, sobriety, art, body health, and re orienting my perspectives of social media. In 2020, i have floundered and been a bit sporadic but still haven’t lost too much ground despite the pandemic. In 2021 i hope to grow even more so please join me here for life changes, life challenges, growth and all things geared toward moving forward and “waking up”!!

Reinventing Yourself at Any Age

A lot has been written about life reinvention, but I wanted to write a little post and put my own spin on things. I have been everything from a welfare mom to a competitive rock climber, to a floozy party girl, to a straightlaced wife, to a bohemian artist to a medicine woman to a […]


In Nursing school, almost everything had a mnemonic. You’d be surprised at how many of us passed our boards with these sweet little study buddies. Today, I was reminded of one while watching a video, and it’s a good one because it applies to anyone, anywhere who wants to better understand exactly what a goal […]

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    Very nice post and blog, thank you ver much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us, we know how important is experience in our lives.

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    1. thanks!! just got this comment- for some reason it went to my spam folder? maybe its a setting you have? or because of the link you included…not sure..anyway, glad i checked!


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