Welcome!The initial idea was a 6 month journey as i venture into a world without any social media accounts.As it evolved , i began to include posts on recovery / sobriety, hiking, goals, meditation,weight loss, life challenges/changes and other topics.Just click on “blog feed” at the top and go back through as many posts as you like. The idea is to discover a more meaningful way of life and connecting with world after almost 2 decades of being deeply entrenched in the Facebook culture and needing to break free for a bit to find a more genuine audience and people to interact with.This is a not a blog focusing on one thing but rather a variety of topics that I hope you will find worthy to read.

2020 updates: I have continued on beyond these initial 6 months in order to grow and start new projects. In light of my learning experiences here in recent months , i have decided that i will only continue to follow blogs/ bloggers who interact with me/mine as well, rather than those who visit /comment only once or twice lose interest . For me-It’s not about gaining a huge # of followers , it is about having a conversation and creating genuine friendships . Thanks and Namaste!

  • Snuggle Therapy

    July 1, 2020 by

    Snuggling…it’s one of those things you sometimes take for granted- whether with your children , grandchildren, pets or partner. As i have begun a new relationship recently it has brought to mind the absolute benefits of snuggling. In fact, if i had to put my finger on one thing i missed most while being single… Read more

  • Love and Vacation

    June 27, 2020 by

    Once again, i must apologize for not being more present on here.I have been spending much time with the new love interest (who continues to be more awesome every day) and just returned from vacation near Bushkill Falls , Pa. I’m gonna drop a few pics here because the place we stayed( second year now)… Read more

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