When Life Overwhelms You

It’s been a long year already. Today i was yet again sitting in my bedroom for hours , watching another few episodes of the Walking Dead and eating ice cream. Yes, this has become a habit for me recently, not that i am proud of it.

I believe i started this daily habit right after Christmas some time. Part of it because i realized i no longer wanted to drink( hence the ice cream), and partly because binge watching stuff is a way to escape my own life for a while. They are now my “comforts”, if you will.

I haven’t been writing as much on here or elsewhere, and socializing even less. I can’t lay the blame on any ONE thing in particular, but i am feeling somewhat overwhelmed in general. To write a list would be senseless and boring, not to mention silly because everyone has their own burdens to bear.

Yes, i am still lifting weights and doing art. I am exhausted but I am surviving. In my mind i am daily reciting things i am grateful for and hope to emerge from this feeling of drowning soon.

I pray that you all are well. I am here. I miss you.


Sneaky Ways to Cut/Burn Calories

I started writing this awhile ago when i was counting macros. It doesn’t always apply to my menu as i cycle in and out of bulking and dieting down during weight training. But since this is still January and many people decide to jump on the weight loss train around this time i figured it can’t hurt to post.It is by far incomplete so please feel free to chime in or add your own suggestions in the comments.

  1. take the stairs
  2. park further away
  3. stand while doing sets & reps- burns 30 % more calories
  4. riced cauliflower instead of rice
  5. try some mustard instead of mayonnaise or other creamy sauces/condiments
  6. bulk up- bigger muscles burn more calories, even at rest
  7. wear looser clothes- you look thinner in relaxed jeans than in spandex and feel more comfy
  8. measure out your creamer for the day
  9. choose a wrap instead of bread- but make sure it’s not huge
  10. try an occasional wrap made with large lettuce leaves instead
  11. slightly heat your sandwich instead of using extra condiments
  12. cooking spray in a pump- low calories, less accelerant
  13. avoid croutons- find other crunchy substitutes
  14. use time standing in line to do isometric exercises- calf raises, stomach vacuums
  15. do crunches at every commercial while watching TV
  16. weightless exercises if you must stay at home- body weight, exercise bands, isometrics, pilates, yoga
  17. zucchini spirals and/or spaghetti squash are a great pasta substitute on occasion
  18. a little salt ( or seasoning) instead of butter on dishes ( don’t over do the salt)or
  19. Butter Buds and Mrs. dash- a little extra flavor- no calories
  20. and the grand finally- CRAVINGS. This is a list of foods that practically saved my diet many times. FYI- if you have issues with your heart, high blood pressure, or blood sugars- ask your doctor first!
  • jello
  • pickles
  • salsa verde
  • regular salsa
  • dum dums lollipops ( great as a coffee stirrer too!)
  • pork rinds
  • smoked salmon
  • sugarless chewing gum
  • cherries, watermelon, cantalope
  • Torani sugar free syrups- lots of uses- i add it to my coffee