Dreams Do Come True!

Well, it’s finally done- the project i stressed over for way longer than i anticipated. Here are the pics and videos of my first glimpse of the new hideaway/campsite:

I am so relieved. But lest it all be forgotten to the annals of time, i do want to record the process so it can be fully appreciated.It may not look like much to some but, it seriously is hard to put into words and impress upon most just how difficult it is for an unmarried woman of my age with no second income and no husband/live in male ( read : muscle ) to accomplish this on her own.This is lengthy and if you don’t have time, maybe just skim.

As i stated previously, i had been daydreaming about a quiet place in the woods for many years. When i moved into this home 3 years ago , i saw the woods patch out back and it seemed like such a nightmare project i couldnt even begin to think about anything being up there. At best, i thought “Well, its nice to look out and see a nice yard and some tress instead of a city street in a bad part of town.”

In the back of my mind i still pondered off and on about buying a nice few acres somewhere on a mountain, hopefully one with a building already in place. But i knew having a new mortgage and not playing the lottery, i had very little chance of that happening , at least not for a good 10 years and a lot of planning. Then this past late winter/early spring, i began to formulate something solid.

A local store had advertised a really cute structure that came in a kit for 6 grand. I was in love, had it bookmarked on my laptop for 8 months and fully intended to put that thing on my store credit card by summer. However, before i could act, they stopped selling it. So i looked online elsewhere. I found a similar item but it was much pricier- 11,000 for the kit. After a few weeks of thinking things through, and considering that i would somehow have to get it up to the woods after delivery plus buy all the tools needed, run electric up to it just to put it together, and had no one there daily to help with heavy lifting. Then, i remembered a local amish built shed lot.

Mid June i went and looked around. I was so excited to find out that not only did they offer reasonable financing, but they delivered the entire building intact and for free.I applied for the one you see above and within a day or two was approved. I was elated. My dream was just a few weeks ahead..or so i thought. Here is where all the unexpected started happening.

The lady at the shed store said “The financing covers everything except the site prep.” I had no idea what that meant but she explained that it couldn’t be delivered unless the site was either a concrete pad or gravel pit.I cancelled the delivery and I spent the next few days calling around.I set up several estimates and prices ranged from 850 up to 3400. I then realized i also had to clear a path THROUGH the woods to make room for a truck to get up through this a jungle of thorns , poison , misc trash, dead trees and brush. I remembered a cousin did this stuff, and he agreed to do do everything for 2000. This was the beginning of july, so, in order to save that much out of pocket , we scheduled for August 13th. I rescheduled the cabin delivery for a few days later. 3 days before he was supposed to do the job, he cancelled on me due to contracting Covid. I was devastated. That same day i had a friend come over to look around and see if he and some friends could do it cheaper. Thats when i learned i’d also have to fell several huge dead trees that had a high risk of falling on my structure.Once again, I cancelled the cabin delivery then called back the site prep company with the lowest price but had mentioned permits and inspections by the township that i wasn’t wanting to deal with.I am so glad i went with that company– No one else mentioned that i would need these things or risk hefty fines.

So, i accepted their quote and set about finding someone else to help clear a path and cut down trees. This required a few estimates an additional $1700- 3400 for 3 trees. I started clearing the woods myself ( previous post) and on one Saturday- my boyfriend , brother and another friend did a bunch more.Then- just by luck i was introduced to a neighbor who had the equipment and experience to do almost everything. He agreed to do everything but the site pad for 2000. 3 weeks later it was ready. I set the site prep date and applied for a township permit which was granted.

During all of this, i also dealt with: poison rash on my arms and legs, the tree clearing guy turning out to be very lonely and needing someone to talk to daily ( nice guy but i mean, yeesh! ), an infestation of skunks under my house and a neighbor claiming property line issues with one of the trees which would require a surveyor and arborist plus additional home insurance.I stressed every day about how i was going to pay for it all. I worried about paying my other bills and questioned my sanity often. I was beat up, scratched up, hardly slept, worked as many hours as possible and sacrificed many of my usual comforts. I won’t even get into all of THAT.

My small Crew one Saturday

Site prep and first inspection was completed by 2nd week of September so, again, i called to schedule the cabin delivery for September 18th. Today i was up early for the final inspection which passed and HALLELUJAH- project completed before winter, and even before my grandson birthday so that we can camp out over night in it!!!

I cannot tell you how happy i am that this is done. There are other projects i’d like to attack but for now, i need a break. During all of this i slacked off-although i kept working out, i didnt push myself, and i had to cancel my trainer for financial reasons. The stress eating was horrible. So now i have to get back on track with that.

Now, if you made it this far( most won’t) here is the really important part.

I.Didn’t. Give.Up.

Read that again.

No matter how overwhelming something is, or how many obstacles there are, if you want it bad enough- you will find a way. This is my dream come true on a physical level, but mentally and emotionally, the experience has given me so much more- in strength, growth, and fortitude.

So you– yes you! Don’t you give up either. The Universe does love you, and wants the best for you. You just have to listen and trust.


Transgender Transparency

Let me be clear. I am completely pro LGBT. A few days ago, i made a post totally unrelated to that and got a snarky comment.

I took the whole post down for other reasons i will not get into…so apologies to those who made nice comments, etc .Obviously this ridiculous comment was made by someone posting anonymously, who knows me personally. I have never felt i had to address the issue, but as a result of this disgusting comment, i will now.

Yes, i do live with two transgender roommates. I have had trans roommates for over 5 years and have lived with many LGBT people in my community over the years. They have all been wonderful humans who have supported me, been my friends, and shown me more kindness and care than i can express. I love all of them dearly and couldn’t have asked for better friends . I have never hidden my stance on transgender or any other LGBT issues . My roommates are completely out and open . They are not “men pretending to be girls”. They are human beings , who have human rights, and have a right to pursue their own path in life. None of this is anybody’s business but theirs.

The fact that some people fear and cannot grasp the concept of “transgender” after all these years with all the information out there is beyond me. But more importantly it is incredible that it was used as a personal attack on me.

I refuse to play educator. That is not my job.The info is out there and easy to access. By resorting to an attempt to humiliate my good friends and insinuating anything untoward regarding that is not only pathetic but unacceptable. Both of my current roommates have their own relationships, and so do i. To suggest that something is going on is to suggest that we are all cheating on our significant others. Whoever you are ( and i’m pretty sure i know who this is)- remove yourself from my blog. Grow up, move on and worry about your own life.

All of this being said, all future comments will be moderated. I will not have anyone attempt to humiliate me or my friends for their own agenda. To the rest of you who have been kind , considerate and wonderful on here- i thank you. I am sorry i have to now resort to this to eliminate stalkers and those who seek to get attention in this manner.