Step #7-Unmasking the Faces of Change

Many of us go through periods of heightened focus and , indeed, internal excitement at the prospect of change itself. 

Some of us actually and actively pursue those changes, and the ride can be both grueling and intoxicating.  When we reach our goals there is at least a moment of ultimate satisfaction and self-congratulations.

And this is certainly better than others who never try at all.

.But what happens after that? 

A lot of people will tell you to start pursuing the next goal. And I would agree to a point. It is definitely not productive to start resting on your laurels again, becoming satisfied and lazy. But I believe there must be a time , even while planning the next goal to simultaneously making sure the goal you have just attained is truly complete . 

I guess a good analysis would be if you finally replaced the roof, but after rechecking, you found a few areas you missed. Sure, they may be areas no one will notice( it’s only a few shingles-right?). You could let them go but, they could cause major problems later.

Some of these “missed “ areas will come back to haunt you. I recently experienced this. Although I had made a goal of ‘no new relationship commitments’, I believed I was on a track to finalizing it. For me, the goal was one year. I have until May 2020. Up until sometime in September, I figured I had this thing DOWN. I had not even so much as thought about the possibility. But a few events occurred and I almost totally let down my guard.I allowed myself to be vulnerable, and overlooked some serious details that could have derailed and undermined all the hard work I had done this past year. Somehow, the universe saved me from losing traction. And now I realize the need to be SURE of what I truly want for the final outcome of that particular goal. Because if I do not, it isn’t complete. In other words: short sightedness is as bad as a half baked pie. Smells good, looks good, but not really ‘edible’.

The faces of change can be tricksters. They will tell you many half-truths and keep you in a never ending cycle. A few examples:

 -those with addictions- they decided to “moderate”  and think they have it beat, only to return at some point to the previous level , sometimes even worse than before.

-the person who changes jobs without assessing why they needed to change it and what their ultimate goal is by doing so ( promotion? A stepping stone? A career change? Or just higher pay?)They will likely soon realize the grass isn’t greener at the new job.

– the dieter- they want to lose weight, but once they reach the # of pounds- what then? Maintain?lose more weight? re assess the initial goal?Dieting usually starts with a desired change in physical appearances, but deeper than that – the goals of living a healthier lifestyle and a shift in self-awareness and esteem must also be addressed.Otherwise, most will backslide.

-buying a home- what is the end goal? Upgrades? Investment? Will it be your retirement home? Will you resell it later or maybe rent it out? Lots of options . But just paying the mortgage and not really planning leaves most with a decaying, unmaintained property that will be under even its original value later. What a a waste of hard earned money and years of time!

So, make those new goals, but be attentive to the details and any loose ends of the previous ones . They could be detrimental down the road. 

Unmask that Loki —and be sure you haven’t been deceived!!


nurse, mother, artist, and chameleon ...

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