Actively Resting?

So, i finally had to concede that i had been pushing my luck with lifting heavier. While i have made some really great gains and have seen results i never expected in such a short time, I have impinged my right shoulder and must rest it for a few weeks. While it is tempting to just keep pushing through the pain, this is a common mistake with many newbies who, like me, are scared to “get lazy” and lose momentum.But i know from past experience that if i do, it will create a bigger issue that will take much longer to repair.

Now, understand- i am not simply ‘resting on my laurels’ like many people outside of the body building would envision.I am doing what is called “active resting”. And although, grammatically speaking, this is an oxymoron, there is nothing moronic about it.

First of all i haven’t just stopped working out. I am still doing leg and arm days, just not regular back and shoulder days. I take full days of rest, forcing myself not to do chores and run errands but rather allow my body to completely relax.

Secondly, i am not resting my back & shoulders completely. I am doing what are called “Blackburns” exercises. These do not involve any pressing or over the head extension movements.They are focused, alternatively, on building up the muscles that support my rotator cuff .There are a dozen or so youtube videos showing the sequences.

Thirdly, since i have been compensating for this pain , i am taking special care not to exacerbate any other areas . The other day i went to do leg day and after 2 sets had searing back pain. Rather than push, i did lower weights and alternate exercises that didn’t involve lower back strain.

Fourthly- another alternative to some lifting related issues is to do cardio only for a few weeks. I personally loathe cardio, but many use this method when in muscle recovery.

In a few weeks i hope to cautiously get back to progress. Until then- cleaner eating and less pushing.


p.s. decided to change out the photo- i think the first one was harder to digest for most ( a bit masculine) ..these maybe a little more palatable:)

p.s.s. ya know what? changed my with it…lol- i am proud of my hard work


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8 thoughts on “Actively Resting?

    1. i haven’t..thats interesting..i wonder if my insurance would cover it?My next thing was to seek out someone who does dry needling for my chronic back pain in general but theres only a few in my state and they are pretty far away.


  1. I hate cardio too! Lol
    Except walking if you count that!
    My 3 nieces all lift heavy heavy weights, and they love their big muscles!
    Take care! I tried yoga yesterday, an easy class, and everything hurt! My torn meniscus, my broken elbow, and my back!
    My 96 year old mom was in better shape! Lol

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  2. Definitely like the pictures, you can really see the results of all your hard work! Looks great! It’s so easy to give up when something like this happens, but you persevere through! 🙌🏻


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