Octopus Attack?

Today i had one of my regular deep tissue muscle massages. I get these as often as i can afford them and this year have finally found a wonderful, very strong female masseuse. These are done at my chiropractors office, and i also get adjusted separately about every 2 weeks. I consider these mandatory health measures and part of a life long maintenance program.

Every now and again i will try something out of the norm for pain and/or improved health. Since i previously explained that i have impinged my right shoulder and it will require some rest & recovery, i explained the area of my distress to the masseuse.Previously she introduced me to a hot stone massage and it was absolutely delightful. So when she asked if i would like to try “cupping”, i said “sure”.

Now, i have heard tell of this off & on over the years but never looked into it. I did remember that it was very low risk, and i trust her suggestions ( plus there wasn’t any additional charge) . I really had no idea what to expect. She explained that there would be an initial pinch, but it would fade quickly. The cups ( suction) were left on for about 8 minutes. She also said there would be a “little” bruising after but they wouldn’t hurt like a regular bruise.

As you can see a “little” was an understatement. But honestly, i don’t care about the cool suction marks ( basically large hickeys) because she was correct- the process didn’t hurt terribly and they will go away over a few weeks. Plus i get the added benefit of my grandkids being told by my daughter that an octopus “got me”…lol!

So, the big question. Did it help?

Truthfully, on this one i would have to say no. And i actually feel a bit more soreness in the area than before. It is tolerable so far and that part may or may not be normal. When i got home i read up on it in more detail and it appears that some people get immediate relief, others have to go back for it regularly.I wont be one of those people, and i certainly wont pay for it as an added service.It seems that altho it’s been around since ancient times, there have been very few serious studies done about it’s effectiveness. I did come across this:

“Metabolic hypothesis assume that cupping decreases increased muscle activity which results in pain reduction.18 Redness, bullae formation and histological changes in the skin are possibly due to vasodilatation and edema without actual cellular infiltrate,19 and these effects do not fit into immune system paradigm. Elimination of toxins trapped in the tissues by cupping also makes the person feels better.20 Many studies provided some evidence about the effectiveness of cupping in certain medical and health conditions.12“-(from a “.gov” site)

Am i disappointed? not really. I didn’t expect much, just hoped it wouldn’t make things worse.So far, almost any of my chronic or acute pain is best relieved with heat, ice, menthol patches and OTC meds- along with a maintenance program of lifting, chiro, and massage.

I will still try new things on occasion but wanted to share this one:)



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6 thoughts on “Octopus Attack?

  1. My daughter was a top cross country runner in high school. Then she had a knee issue that caused a lot of pain. Nothing an operation could have helped. After trying just about everything the only thing that helped was acupuncture, and that was a short term “fix.” She tried cupping with the same results as you received. I do have a friend that claims to have great results with it! My daughter ended up taking some time off from running. I have been hearing a lot about cryo recently but I didn’t think of trying that as an option at that time. ( 4 years ago ) Anyway, thanks for sharing and hope your pain continues to lessen!!

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    1. yes, my massuese also mentioned cryo and i may look into that..depends on cost and time ..a lot of the quick fix stuff doesnt work for me, so i am pretty picky. For instance, i probably wont ever try infra red treatments unless they are free..lol


  2. Me too on cost!
    Some things help some people and not others.
    I have scoliosis and when I went to a chiropractor for while, it made it worse.
    My husband is getting a deep tissue laser treatment after the car accident really hurt a muscle, and it seems to be helping.
    (PS – Insurance pays becasue of accident. LOL) We hope!

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  3. I didn’t get any relief using cupping on my “frozen” shoulder last year. I had two sessions before I said enough. It definitely freaked the hell out of me when I got home and saw all the marks! 😁


    1. lol..yeah, wont be doing it again either! Finally found someone who does dry needling though.i go on Monday and am kind of excited because it’s recommended by body builders across the board…fingers crossed!

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