Input = Output

Most of us know this little equation from high school whether it be from Chemistry, Math , Gym or just a wise teacher. I remember first hearing it in 7th grade and of course, it still holds true and it can be that simple.

But i think adding a few details and commentary after all these years is in order.

Whatever your goals( fitness, debt reduction, wealth, career, sobriety, etc) the most important aspect to consider is how much you actually want it. There are many people who claim to want something but deep down are unwilling to put forth not only the effort, but the consistent effort to obtain it. I see this more often than i ever see those who really REALLY want something enough to put in the time, energy, and discipline it takes to achieve their goals.

The first part of that is planning. We could easily cut out half of those who say they want something just by pinning them down about their specific plans. I have done this in situations where i need to assess the amount of time i am going to spend to help someone or listen to them speak on the subject.

“What exactly is your goal and what are the steps you are taking right now toward that ?”

my example answer:” i want to work toward achieving the body i have envisioned by committing to a program of exercise 4-5 days a week for 2 hrs each time and in 3-4 months, dialing down my nutrition to enhance muscle growth as much as possible. I want to be ready to compete in approximately 2 years even if i choose not to at that time”

But even with a plan, nothing will happen until that plan is put into action. Day Dreamers will usually have a no plan or a flimsy one. They like to talk a lot about their goals without actually doing much of anything. But even worse is the person who is always making plans but never actually starting, much less committing to them.

“How many of these steps have you accomplished so far?”

My example answer:” I have been working out solo 4 days per week since June. I have been paying attention to 3 of my macros, adjusting as needed. I have just hired a personal coach to further enhance my progress, avoid injuries, and work through any obstacles. I have adjusted my budget to accommodate these goals in that i can afford proper nutrition and the trainer”

The last part is toughest- commitment. Any worthwhile goal(s) take more than a few half hearted attempts.By breaking down your goals into smaller steps and setting a time frame for each, you will have a much better chance at seeing them through.I usually suggest at least weekly goals, but daily is even better. It may take weeks , months or even years to be successful.

“How long are you willing to stay committed to this plan?”

My example answer:” i am committed to this plan for the next two years and will adjust it as needed for any obstacles( injury, loss of employment, natural disaster) . Barring those things ,I will re assess in two years.”

In summary, taking time to see your goal from beginning to end when you first start out makes for a better chance at achieving it.It helps to be able to plan for ( all the small and large ) tasks that will need to be accomplished , in what order and how long each should take.

And remember your input is directly related to your output!


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8 thoughts on “Input = Output

    1. kind of like “a little bit of ( consistent)effort goes a long way”? it’s a math equation-In other words, compounding is a process where the value of an investment is consistently reinvested over time. This is the most powerful concept when it comes to maximizing growth on investments.In the first case, we are multiplying 1.01 with 1.01 for 365 days. In the other 0.99 is multiplied with 0.99 for 365 days. There is just this tiny difference but over a year, these kinds of differences add up to crazy differences.

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